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Healthcare Progress

Welcome to the On-line Program for Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety in India!

Healthcare Progress is a not- for- profit organization based in Mumbai, India. Our vision is to support the improvement of healthcare quality and reliability in India and other developing countries. We strive to defend the position that quality and safety are ’creative’ instruments of justice.

.. a Pacemaker for progress : setting the rhythm of change and rate of learning in healthcare. Quality is the heartbeat of healthcare.

The program for healthcare progress is built on a foundation of Improvement Science. To suit the context of developing countries we augment it with a comprehensive agenda:

The Socialization of Quality: Integralization of Care, Institutionalization of Accountability and Professionalization of Improvement'

As a method we adopt a ‘realistic’ framework:

 ImprovementPLUS: Improvement + Capabilities.

We attempt a theoretical framework based on the ‘capabilities approach’ in addition to and distinct from the current ‘process’ approach, used in developed countries, to organize for national healthcare transformation. Thus we define the Improvement Life Cycle in a more situated manner as Opportunity>Change> Systemness.

To create the future we all desire and deserve, we must together improve the present. The mission of healthcare progress is to provide the structural opportunities to the largest number of people and organizations, to explore the science and practice of improvement. We welcome you to share this democratic agenda.

Willingness to learn and test small- scale ideas in your own work places, is the only criteria to participate. It is in your hands to build a better healthcare system. We are here to support you with modern methods and to serve as a platform for collaboration.

Prakash Dhanabal
Program Officer

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